Welcome to St. Joseph’s Special School,

At St. Joseph’s Special School we strive to maintain open and honest communication between parents and teachers, and aim to provide a safe, caring, learning environment. St. Joseph’s Special School has a dynamic, committed and multi-talented staff who believe that all children should be encouraged to realise their full potential by recognising that every child is different with a range of talents.

A Word From the Principal

As the new Principal of  St. Joseph’s Special School, I’m committed continuing the good work of the school and to fostering a positive work ethic in all who work and learn here.

Throughout their time in St. Joseph’s Special School, our commitment to each child will be:

  • To foster and encourage involvement by the pupil in all aspects of school life and school routines
  • To support the child’s social independence and the development of friendships with peers
  • To support the development of play skills
  • To foster and expect age-appropriate, socially acceptable behaviour at all times
  • To provide access to all areas of the curriculum at a level appropriate to the individual child
  • To recognise the importance of teaching reading and writing daily, to develop speech, language and working memory skills as well as numeracy skills
  • To facilitate independent learning and the ability to work and learn as part of a group

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Graeme Crombie,                                                                                                                                 Principal


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