Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

We have just been informed by the Department of Education that from 6 pm today, schools will close. The restrictions will stay in place until 29th March. Children will travel home today at 2:40 pm as usual.

We will update this site with any new information and will also post updates on our school Facebook group.

Welcome to St. Joseph’s Special School,

At St. Joseph’s Special School we strive to maintain open and honest communication between parents and teachers, and aim to provide a safe, caring, learning environment. St. Joseph’s Special School has a dynamic, committed and multi-talented staff who believe that all children should be encouraged to realise their full potential by recognising that every child is different with a range of talents.

A Word From the Principal

As the new Principal of  St. Joseph’s Special School, I’m committed continuing the good work of the school and to fostering a positive work ethic in all who work and learn here.

Throughout their time in St. Joseph’s Special School, our commitment to each child will be:

  • To foster and encourage involvement by the pupil in all aspects of school life and school routines
  • To support the child’s social independence and the development of friendships with peers
  • To support the development of play skills
  • To foster and expect age-appropriate, socially acceptable behaviour at all times
  • To provide access to all areas of the curriculum at a level appropriate to the individual child
  • To recognise the importance of teaching reading and writing daily, to develop speech, language and working memory skills as well as numeracy skills
  • To facilitate independent learning and the ability to work and learn as part of a group

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Graeme Crombie,                                                                                                                                 Principal


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