School Calendar

2019/2020 School Year Calendar

Below is the agreed school calendar for 2019/2020. Contingency arrangements have been put in place within the standardised school year to deal with unforeseen school closures. Parents should be aware of these contingency arrangements if booking holidays.

Reopening:   Monday 2nd September 2019

Autumn Mid Term

Closed:  Monday 28th   Oct 2019    –   Friday 1st November 2019 inclusive

Reopening   Monday 4th November 2019.

Curriculum Planning Day

School Closed on Monday 9th December

Christmas Holidays

Closed Monday 23rd December 2019 –   Friday 3rd January 2020 inclusive

Reopening Monday 6th January 2020

Staff Training Day

School Closed on Monday 20th January 2020

February Mid Term

Closed Thursday 20th –  Friday 21st February 2020

St. Patricks Day Holiday

Closed    Tuesday 17th March 2020

Easter Holidays

Closed   Monday 6th April 2020   –  Friday 17th April 2020 inclusive

Reopening Monday 20th April   2020

May Holiday 

Closed    Monday 4th May 2020 – Friday 8th May 2020 inclusive

School reopens Monday 11th May 2020

June Bank Holiday

Closed    Monday 1st June 2020

Summer Holidays.

School Closing   Tuesday 30th June 2020



Staff Meetings:   Tuesday   12th November    (school closes at 13:30)

                                 Following the emergency closure in November the rest of                                           our half day closures have been cancelled.

September/October Parents evening (IEP) 26/09/19
February March Parents Evening 05/03/20



There may be other closing for staff training, we will notify you when we get dates. 

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